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Northern Capital Life and Health has provided Employee Benefit Services to individuals and businesses for over twenty-five years.

Employee Benefit Specialists are the critical link between you, the consumer, and insurance companies. They provide and service insurance products while educating and advising you on how to manage risk and make informed insurance choices.
Employers in both the private and public sector face a rapidly changing environment relative to benefit design, delivery, and management. In addition, because of today’s competitive markets, more and more employers are using employee benefit programs to support key financial, operational, and cultural objectives.
Dramatic changes in the insurance marketplace make the Employee Benefit Specialist’s role increasingly important to individuals and small business in finding cost-saving measures and coverage options. Northern Capital Life and Health has the expertise and experience to help employers make the right decisions.
Northern Capital Life and Health’s staff of insurance professionals will guide you through the complex task of choosing appropriate coverages at an affordable cost. We will work closely with you to design efficient and cost-effective plans that reflect your business goals.